A Common Love


                     Em                  A

A common love for each other

                     D              Bm

A common gift to the Saviour

                     Em                   A             D    D7

A common bond holding us to the Lord

                     Em                               A

A common strength when we're weary

                     D                Bm

A common hope for tomorrow

                     Em           A                      D   D7

A common joy in the truth of God's word



In this family

                A                             D

We can meet each other's needs

               Bm                       Em

We can light each one's path

               A                           D   D7

We can bear each one's grief


As His children

                A                     D

We can comfort each care

               Bm                        Em

We can build each one's faith

               A                     D    D7

We can work we can share



In His family

             A                   D

All the love that we show

             Bm                 Em

All the help that we give

            A               D     D7

All the life we bestow


As His children

                     A                  D

They're an offering we make

            Bm            Em

Not expecting return

             A                D

Just a gift for His sake