All That is in Me


         E                                A

It's not often enough I lift my hands in worship

         C#m             A              B

It's not often enough I sing a song of joy

        E                                       A

But so often reminded of His love and how He's so faithful

        C#m                  B        E

So I'll offer Him this sacrifice of praise


C#m               A

All that is in me, all that I am

        E                            B

There's nothing I'm withholding from Him

            C#m                 A

All that is in me, all that I am

       B           E

Will glorify the Lamb


It's not often enough my heart and spirit are broken

It's not often enough that You find me on my knees

But so often You come in Your cleansing love and forgive me

So I'll offer You this sacrifice of praise