G                 D/F#            Em

For You are good, Your love endures forever

    C             G/B             D

And we rejoice in Your unfailing love.

    G                   D/F#            Em

Consume our praise with fire down from heaven

     C                G/B          D

And fill us with Your power from above.


  G D    C D    G D

Arise, arise, arise

    C         D     G

Oh Lord, our God, arise!


  G                 D

Arise, oh Lord, within our midst

   C      G         D        G

As we declare Your righteousness;

     G                D

Lift up the name that we confess

   C       G         D   G

As we proclaim Your holiness.


Salvation comes from You alone

Oh Lamb of God, the chosen One.

That we might be Your resting place

We worship You, we seek Your face.