Awake O Isreal


                  Em                         Am

Awake, O Israel, put off thy slumber

               Em                           B7

And the truth shall set you free

                  Em                           Am

For out of Zion comes thy deliverer

           Em        B7  Em

In the year of Jubilee


For in the furnace of much affliction

            Em                      B7

I have chosen thee behold

                   Em                         Am

And so for iron I'll give thee silver

              Em           B7            Em

And for brass I'll give thee gold



Thou art my chosen


For I have sought thee

                 Em                   B7

Thou art graven on my hand

                 Em                               Am

And I will gather all those that gather

                    Em              B7        Em

They shall come back to their land


         Em                   Am

O hallelujah ! O hallelujah !

         Em                              B7

Hallelujah ! O praise the Lord !

            Em                   Am

O hallelujah ! O hallelujah !

         Em        B7              Em

Hallelujah ! Praise the Lord !