Bless the Lord


G                        D        G

Bless the Lord O my soul

        C                         D

And all that is within me

G                           D             G

Heart and mind, soul and strength

C                          D

All that is within me

                  C      D

Bless His holy name

                  C      D

Bless His holy name

                  C      D

Bless His holy name


(Bless the Lord)


G                          C     G

Don't forget His benefits

            Am    D           G

He forgives all your sins

                         D      Em

Heals all your diseases and

A                                   C     D

Crowns you with compassion


        G                C   G

His love is everlasting

                Am      D        G

And His mercy will endure

                               D   Em

His anger lasts a moment

               A                   C    D

But His favor lasts a life time