Crown Him With Many Crowns


D                           Bm      G

Crown Him with many crowns

         D         G             A

The lamb upon His throne

           D            Bm           E             A

Hark how the heavenly anthem drowns

       D         E          A

All music but it's own

    D                              G

Awake my soul and sing

      E                              A

Of Him who died for Thee

         D             G          A7               D

And hail Him as Thy matchless King

           G   A      D

Thro' all eternity


D                          Bm        G

Crown Him the Lord of Life

           D                 G            A

Who triumphed over the grave

         D          Bm        E          A

And rose victorious in the strife

        D               E             A

For those He came to save

        D                     G

His glory now we sing

          E                              A

Who died and rose on high

          D        G        A7       D

Who died eternal life to bring

         G               A                D

And lives that death may die


D                          Bm        G

Crown Him the Lord of peace

               D            G            A

Whose power a scepter sways

           D          Bm           E                A

From pole to pole that wars may cease

        D         E                  A

And all be prayer and praise

         D                               G

His reign shall know no end

          E                              A

And round His pierced feet

         D               G     A7       D

Fair flowers of paradise extend

           G               A       D

Their fragrance ever sweet


D                          Bm        G

Crown Him the Lord of love

      D            G               A

Behold his hand and side

              D                 Bm E      A

Those wounds yet visible above

     D          E     A

In beauty glorified

      D                       G

All hail redeemer hail

         E                             A

For Thou hast died for me

        D                  G      A7           D

Thy praise and glory shall not fail

                G     A     D

Throughout eternity