Did You Ever Talk To God Above


G                                 Am     D7

Did you ever talk to God above

                                              G            Em

Tell Him that you need a friend to love

                                            Am      D7

Pray in Jesus' name believing that


God answers prayers

                                                  Am             D7

Have you told Him all your cares and woes

                           G           Em

Every tiny little fear He knows


You can know He'll always hear and

D7                        G

He will answer prayer


G                                     Am          D7

You can whisper in a crowd to Him

                                               G           Em

You can cry when you're alone to Him

                                                Am        D7

You don't have to pray out loud to Him


He knows your thoughts

                                     Am              D7

On a lofty mountain peak He's there

                                  G                    Em

In a meadow by a stream He's there


Anywhere on earth you go

D7                                          G

He's been there from the start