Father I Thank You


D             A7

Father I thank You

       Bm                     F#7

For all that You've done

         G                        D             C  A

You gave Your Son freely for me

           D                       A7

And I praise You for calling me

Bm                  G                          D

Drawing me near, out of blindness

         Em              A7 D

You caused me to see


D            A7

Spirit of life

                Bm             F#7

You are God's holy fire

             G                  D                          C    A

You've kindled my heart with Your  blaze

           D                   A7

And I know You're refining me

Bm                    G                D

Changing my life and by faith

             Em             A7    D

You're revealing Your ways


D                      A7

Jesus I need You

       Bm             F#7

As Lord of my life

   G            D                C   A

I give all I have unto You

            D           A7

Lord I want to come under

Bm                      G                               D

Your heavenly hand and to praise You

    Em      A7D

In all that I do