Glory Honor Power


Intro: A E A E A E C#m B


I lift my hands (echo),

To the heavens above (echo).

I give my heart (echo),

To the God of love (echo).

And I will be thankful (echo),

All of my days (echo),

Giving Him glory (echo),

Honor and praise (echo).


 B C#m B  A   F#m

Glory, honor, po-wer


Forever, forever!

             E           A             E

And I will stand on the solid rock of Jesus.

       C#m          A           B

I will lay down my life at His feet.

        E             B                A           C#m

I will cast down my crowns before the Holy Lamb of God,

        B                  A E A E A E C#m B (E)

I will sing, I will sing.


Lift up your eyes (echo),

To the Lamb of God (echo).

Join the angels (echo),

Around the throne (echo).

Giving Him glory (echo),

Singing His praise (echo),

Honor and power (echo),

Unto His name (echo).