God Will Make A Way


G                           D

God will make a way

                        C                         G

Where there seems to be no way

       C                             G

He works in ways we cannot see

Am7                    D7

He will make a way for me

G                      D

He will be my guide

                 C                     G

Hold me closely to His side

          C                                   G

With love and strength for each new day

Am7                    D

He will make a way

Cmaj7                 G

He will make a way


         Eb                      F

By a roadway in the wilderness


He'll lead me

        Eb            F                 G

And rivers in desert will I see

C                                     D

Heaven and earth will fade

               Bm                     Em

But His Word will still remain

C                 D                            E

He will do something new today