God of Wonders


Capo 3 (chords relative to capo)

Intro: Dsus Em/G C2


Dsus           C2

Lord of all creation

Dsus                C2

Of water, earth and sky,

Dsus                      C2

The heavens are Your tabernacle,

Dsus                 C2

Glory to the Lord on high.


 G                            Dsus D

God of wonders beyond our galaxy,

        Em     C2

You are holy, holy!

    G                           Dsus D

The universe declares Your majesty,

        Em     C2

You are holy, holy,

 C2                 Dsus

Lord of heaven and earth... (2x echo)


Early in the morning,

I will celebrate the light.

When I stumble in the darkness,

I will call Your Name by light.



Hallelujah (guys)

        C2                 (Dsus D last time)

To the Lord of heaven and earth... (girls)

     [repeat 2x-3x]