Great Is The Lord (2)


G                   C                         D                    G

Great is the Lord and most worthy of our praise

        C                D                       G

The city of our God, the Holy Place

        G       Bm                   C     D7

The joy of all the whole earth

         G                  C                             D                   G

And great is the Lord in whom we have the victory

       C             D                      G

He aids us against our enemies

       G                Bm       C     D7

We bow down on our knees

        G                          Bm                          G

And Lord we want to lift Your name on high


And Lord we want to thank You

              C                                           Am7

For the works You've done in our lives

         G                                                  Bm

And Lord we trust in Your unfailing love

        C                      D

For You alone art God eternal

C                                      D            G

Throughout earth and heaven above