G            C            D

O Lord, my heart longs to be

G      C              D

A habitation fit for Thee

             C        D    Bm             Em

A place where peace reigns, and love can flourish

C             Am                D

A heart where You will feel at home.

G         C               D

O Lord I want to be like You,

G              C                 D

My tongue to speak the words You do.

           C         D   Bm          Em

My hands to stretch forth in healing others,

C           D              G

My feet to carry the good news.


              G              Em

That You are God, You're the Way,

             C                   D

You're the Truth and You're the Life.

         G              Em

King of Kings, Lord of Lords,

            C                  D

Prince of Peace, Lord Jesus Christ.

       C       D  Bm            Em

By Your shed blood, the Great Redeemer

C             D                   G

You saved my soul, You paid the price.


Em            D                 C    G

You saved my soul, now have my life. (last time only)