He Is Lovely



I can see that you love Jesus first


It's plain to see

D                                                                     G

And that you sit close and hear His heartbeat


For in your eyes I see shining love


That speaks so clear

D                                                              G

And I can hear them singing so sweetly


           G                   Am

He is lovely, He is holy

               D                                  G

Gave supremely that all men might see

           G                      Am

He is gentle, tender hearted

             D         C   D  G

Risen Savior, He is Lord

  C     D    G       C      D    G

(You are God, You are God)



Master, Maker, Life Creator


Come and dwell in me

D                                                                      G

That my heart may know Your tender mercy


Shine thru me that all may see Your love


So full and free

D                                                                     G

And I'll declare Your praise thru endless ages