He That Is In Us



He that is in us 

      G                  Bm

Is greater than he 

            Em A     D

That is in the world (2x)


Gmaj7                 A           F#m       Bm

Therefore I will sing and I will rejoice

               Em     A          D

For His Spirit lives in me

Gmaj7                     A             F#m  Bm

Christ, the Living One has overcome

               Em                 G     D

And we share in His victory


Gmaj7                      A              F#m        Bm

All the powers of death and hell and sin

        Em              A                D

Lie crushed beneath His feet

Gmaj7                    A         F#m         Bm

Jesus owns the Name above all names

                          Em              G       D

Crowned with honor and majesty