Hear Our Praises


C                 Csus                          C                  G/B    Am

May our homes be filled with dancing

                        F                                     Gsus

May our streets be filled with joy

C            Csus                         C             G/B    Am

May injustice bow to Jesus

               F                                  Gsus

As the people turn and pray…


                      C                 G/B              F/A

From the mountain     to the valley

                     Am7         Em7                   F      Gsus

Hear our praises       rise to You

Csus/G            C             G/B              F/A

From the heavens     to the nations

                Am7         Em7                 F    Gsus   (C    Csus)

Hear the singing      fill the air.


May our light shine in the darkness

As we walk before the cross

May Your glory fill the whole earth

As the water over the seas…


     F         Dm7    Am7    Em7    F    Dm7    Gsus    G