Holy Holy


  C                   F/C  C                          F/C  C

Holy, holy, ho--ly, holy, holy, ho--ly

  C    Em7  F            C/E   Dm7    C   F/G     G

Holy is the Lord     God Almighty

  C                                  F/C   C

Worthy to receive glo--ry

                                       F/C    C

Worthy to receive hon--or

  C          Em7  F         C/E  Dm7  C        F/G              C

Worthy to receive     all our praise today.


   Bb/C      F/C         Bb/C                       F/C            C

Praise Him!   Praise Him and lift Him up!

   Bb/C      F/C         Bb/C                       F/C    C

Praise Him!   Exalt His name forever!        (X2)