Holy Is The Lord (2)


C           Csus C        Csus

Holy is the Lord, holy is the Lord.

      F                 C  Csus

As we bow before your throne,

    G           F         C

Majesty and honor to you alone. (2x)


C           Csus  C            Csus

Worthy are you Lord, worthy are you Lord

      F                      C

Sweet lamb of God the chosen one

               G          F           C

Our lives we gladly lay before your throne (2x)


G                  F                       C             G

No longer will we give our hearts to the things of this world

               F                     C 

For a debt of love we will offer to you

G                F                        C

We look for the day when every knee will bow

G                          F                    C

And we will join with the angels around your throne

           G  F

And we will sing...


C            F      C           F

Holy is the Lord,  Holy is the Lord

C            F     Bb F         C

Holy is the Lord,  Holy is the Lord