Household Of Faith


Eb                Fm7               Gm7

Here we are at the start

           Ab                             Eb

Committing to each other

                 Fm7                                     Em7       Fm7   Bb

By His Word and from our hearts

Eb            Fm7              Em7

We will be a family

               G                                       Cm

In a house that will be a home

                     Fm7                               Ab/Bb      Bb

And with faith we’ll build it strong…


                                 Ab                    Bb/Ab

We’ll build a household of faith

               Gm7                            Cm

That together we can make

            Fm7                                             Bb

And when the strong winds blow

                           Gm7      Cm

It won’t fall down

        Ab                                Bb/Ab

As one in Him we’ll grow

                     Gm7                              C

And the whole world will know

Fm7                   Bb                       Eb

We are a household of faith.


Now, to be a family

We’ve got to love each other

At any cost unselfishly

And our home must be a place

That fully abounds with grace

A reflection of His face…