How Awesome Is Your Name


G         A                                 D          A7   D

How awesome is Your name

G         A                                 Bm               

How awesome is Your name in all the earth

G         A                            D A  Bm

We give You all the glory

Em7                                         Asus

As we worship at Your throne.


D         A                            Bm   F#m

Holy is the name of Jesus

Gsus   Em7                    Asus   A  G  A

Holy is the great I AM

D             A                     Bm                                  F#m    

Ever worthy to be worshipped and adored

Gsus               Em7                  Asus   A   D

Lord of Heaven and of earth.    


In Your presence there is healing

As we call upon Your name

Through You the universe experience its birth

And forever we’ll proclaim, we will proclaim.