How Excellent Is Your Name


D                 F#m

O Lord our Lord

          G                       D

How excellent Your name is

          Em                                               A7

How excellent Your name in all the earth

          Bm                 F#m

Your glory fills the heaven

G                                 D

Beyond the farthest star

          Em                     A7                     D

How excellent Your name in all the earth


              Bm                     F#m

When I think about the heavens

         Bm                          F#m

The moons and all the stars

   G                                                 D

I wonder what You ever saw in me

               Bm                         F#m

But You took me and you loved me

        Bm                             F#m

And You've given me a crown

         E                                                      A7

And now I'll praise Your name eternally