How Great Is Your Love


G                                            Am11

No eye has seen and no ear has heard

          G/B                                           C             Dsus

And no mind has ever conceived

          G                                        Am11

The glorious things that You have prepared

         G/B                                          Dsus      D 

For everyone who has believed

F                                                                A/C#        A

You brought us near and You called us Your own

          Am7                                                         Dsus    D

And made us joint heirs with Your Son…


            Gsus   G

How high and how wide


How deep and how long

           F                              C/E                         Dsus    D

How sweet and how strong is Your love

           Gsus  G

How lavish Your grace


How faithful Your ways

            C^9                      Am/D         G

How great is Your love, O Lord.


Objects of mercy who should have known wrath

We’re filled with unspeakable joy

Riches of wisdom unsearchable wealth

And the wonder of knowing Your voice

You are our treasure and our great reward

Our hope and our glorious King…