I Am Yours


Capo 1, Foote Capo 3


         F                   Bb

You are peace to me, you are hope to me.

F                       Bb

You are the only one I need.

         F                           Bb

You are grace to me, 'cause you have set me free.

F                       Bb

You are the only one I need.


        Csus4                 Bb

Now I'm righteousness, 'cause You took my place

        Dm         Csus4            Bb

On the cross that should have been mine.

          F                 Bb         Csus4    F

You have rescued me, so that I could belong to you.


F         Csus4

My life is in Your hands O God

Bb             Dm

So tender and safe is Your keeping.

F           Csus4

No other arms can hold me so close

Bb            Dm              Bb

My joy is the wonder of being Yours,


I am Yours.


      F          Bb

I am Yours O God,

     F            Bb

I belong to You alone.  (repeat)