I Come Into This Holy Place


   F                            Dm     

I come into this holy place

  F                Bb                     F

I stand in reverence Lord

                                      Dm               F

I long to see You face to face

           Bb                                 C

And worship at Your throne


   F                                   Dm       

I bow my knees before You Lord

  F                  Bb             F

I seek the face of God

                                            Dm              F

Touch me with Your mercy Lord

  Bb                                              C      C7

Cleanse and make me whole


                      Am             Dm

And I will worship You

                      Bb              C

Jesus,  I worship You

                        Dm             Bb                           C     C7

Your love is burning deep  within my soul

                     Am        Dm

Lifting up holy hands

                 Bb                   C

Lord I exalt Your name

                       Dm             Bb           C7          F

As I draw close to You,  O Holy God