I Offer My Life



All that I am, all that I have

B7 F#m E

I lay them down before You, O Lord

C#m A E

All my regrets, all my acclaim

F#m E

The joy and the pain

A F#m

Im making them Yours


E C#m

Lord I offer my life to You

F#m E

Everything Ive been through

A B7

Use it for Your glory

E C#m

Lord I offer my days to You

F#m E

Lifting my praise to You

A C#m

As a pleasing sacrifice

F#m A E

Lord I offer You my life


Things in the past, things yet unseen

Wishes and dreams that are yet to come true

All of my hopes, all of my pains

My heart and my hands are lifted to You


Cmaj7 D

What can we give

Bm Em

That You have not given

Am D

And what do we have

Bm Em

That is not already Yours

Am D Bm Em

All we possess are these lives were living

Am G A

And thats what we give to You