I Want To Sing


C7           Fmaj7

I want to sing

     Dm7      G                 Em

Until I am lost in Your love

Am                                   Dm7

Till I am found in Your presence

G                                            C     C7

Worshipping before Your throne

C7                     Fmaj7

Mov'd by Your Spirit

G                            Em

Entering into His flow

Am                               Dm7

How precious these moments

G7                             C

Lord I want You to know


        F      G                                      Em

It's You, You who have won my heart

Am                               Dm7

Taken me into Your arms

G7                                 C      C7

Comforted me like a friend

          F            G                                   Em

Your love surrounded me from the start

              Am                Dm7

I never want to be apart

G7                         C

From You ever again