I Will Rejoice


G         C

I will rejoice

G         A

I will rejoice

G         C

I will rejoice


For I've made my choice

         A(D)            D(G)

To rejoice in the Lord


     D                                     G

It doesn't depend on the circumstance

          D                                          G

The strength of my arm or my voice

     F                                      Bb

It doesn't depend on the way I feel


I've made up my mind


And I'm gonna rejoice


         D                                G

The enemy whispered into my mind

     D                                    G

Determined to wear me down

   F                            Bb

Alert in the Spirit I am not blind

            F                                          D

My confession of faith has that enemy bound


D                                                   G

O what a good good Lord we serve

               D                                      A

What a sweet sweet Savior we have

D              G

So full of love and compassion

Em            A7

So full of purity