In You


Capo 1, Foote Capo 3


Intro:  F Bb F Bb



My life is found in you,


My hope is found in you,

Csus4          Bb

  You have my heart

Csus4          Bb

  You have my heart.



Everything I am,


Everything I could ever do


    I abandon,

Bb               F

  I surrender to you.


  Csus4        Bb              F 

In You is where I find all my happiness,

  Csus4        Bb            F

In You is where I find who I am.

  Csus4       Bb             Dm7

In You I am treasured, I am really loved,

    Csus4           Bb        Csus4        Bb

I'm secure where I stand, I'm safe in your hands