It Is Good


           Dm             Gm

It is good to praise the Lord

                          A                               Dm

And make music to Your Name, O God Most High

Gm                                                      Dm

To proclaim Your love and faithfulness

                 A                                            Dm

All the day and through the night…


              Dm                Gm

Lai lai lai   lai lai lai lai lai

                A                        Dm

Lai lai lai lai   lai lai lai   lai lai lai lai

Gm                                 Dm

Lai lai lai lai lai lai lai lai lai

                A                      Dm

Lai lai lai lai lai  lai lai.


May I dwell in Your courts, O Lord

Then to flourish like the trees of Lebanon

Planted in the House of Adonai

There to live forevermore…


You make me glad by Your deeds, O Lord

So I sing for joy at all Your hands have made

How great are Your works, O Lord

Elohim baruch hashem…