It Is You


Intro: G G^7 G G G^7 G


G G^7 G

Lamp un--to my feet

G G^7 G

Light un--to my path


It is You

Em7 D/F# G Em7 D

Jesus, it is You


This treasure that I hold

More than finest gold

It is You

Jesus, it is You


G Am7 G/B

With all my heart, with all my soul


I live to worship You


And praise forever more

C/E D/F#

Praise forever more

G Am7 G/B

Lord, everyday I need You more

Em7 D C

On wings of heaven I will soar

G/D D Em7 D C G

With You.


You take my brokenness

Call me to Yourself

There You stand

Healing in Your hands