Let The Heavens Rejoice


G                              C                                     G

Let the heavens rejoice and the earth be glad

                           Em                               D7

Let the seas resound with a mighty roar

G                                C                         G

Let the trees of the forest clap their hands

              Am                                   C      D        G

Let the earth be filled with the glory of the Lord


F            C            D              G

All of creation is boldly proclaiming

         Am            G                       D

The wonderful things He has done

           F                  C               D             G

Let's join with all nations in one declaration

       Am                 G                     D

Proclaiming the goodness of God


         F               C                  D                  G

The heavens above are declaring His splendor

        Am             G             D

His power cannot be denied

       F           C              D             G

For all of creation is loudly confessing

          Am              G             D

That Jesus, our Lord, is alive