Let There Be Joy


G                      C                G

We are Your people, O God

Am                        D                   Bm

Washed by the blood of the Lamb

G                          C              G

Clothed in Your righteousness

        Am         C              F

And in Your favor we stand

G               C                    G

We love exalting Your name

Am             D      Bm

Lifting up holy hands

G                       C          G

Praise to our mighty God

     Am                C         G

Jehovah, the great I AM


G                   Cmaj7        D                    G

Let there be joy in the house of the Lord

                      Cmaj7              D                     G

Let there be praise to the God of our salvation

                       Cmaj7             D

Let there be singing and shouting

Bm                Em

Dancing in celebration

Am                 D         G

Children of Zion, rejoice !