Lord I Thirst For You (2)


F           Am             Bb   F

Lord I thirst for You

    Gm7                                  F      C

I long to be in Your presence

           F             Am            Bb    Dsus

My soul will wait on You

 Dm           Gm7              F            Bb                Dsus

Father draw me nearer, draw me nearer

                 Gm7                     Bb  C    F

To the beauty of Your holiness          (2X)


C         Dm7                        Am

I will wait for You, Almighty God

               Gm7                        F      C

In the beauty of Your holiness

             Dm7                       Am

I will worship You, Almighty God

               Gm7                      Bb  C    F

In the beauty of Your holiness.