Lord Most High


                     E                                Esus

From the ends of the earth  (echo)


From the depths of the sea  (echo)


From the heights of the heavens  (echo)

               A        E         A

Your name be praised  (echo)


From the hearts of the weak  (echo)

From the shouts of the strong  (echo)

From the lips of all people  (echo)

             A        E      A           B

This song we raise, Lord.


      E                                    A              E   B7sus 

Throughout the endless ages

E                           A                      E      B7sus

You will be crowned with praises

C#m        A      Bsus  B

Lord Most High

E                     A          E   B7sus

Exalted in every nations,

E                          A         E  B7sus

Sovereign of all creation

C#m        A     Bsus  B  E                  A

Lord Most High, be magnified.