Lord Your Goodenss


           Bm7                                 E7

I will come to You with an open heart

            G                                    D

And bring a sacrifice of praise

A/C#      Bm7                                       E7

I have seen Your power in the Holy place

        G                                                      D

And I have known Your mighty ways…


                Em7                    Bm7

I will remember Your mercy

        E7sus4           E7          G/A

And Lord Your faithfulness…


                     D                               F#m7                      G

Lord Your goodness and Your love will follow me

D/F#      Em7               G/A

All the days of my life

                 D                           F#m7                    G

I'm surrounded with the favour of the Lord

D/F#                   G/A        D

Always and forever.