Love You So Much



Hear these praises from a grateful heart


Each time I think of You the praises start

                D   Em    D  Em

Love You so much Jesus

                 D            A

Love You so much



Lord I love You, my soul sings


Here in Your presence carried on Your wings

                D   Em    D Em 

Love You so much Jesus

                D             A

Love You so much


              Bm                 F#m

How my soul longs for You

               G                      D

Longs to worship You forever

             G              F#      Bm       A

In Your power and majesty

             Bm                  F#m

I lift my hands, I lift my heart

            G                           D

I lift my voice towards the heavens

                          F#          Bm          A

For You are my sun and shield