Making War In The Heavenlies (2)



Making war in the heavenlies

         Eb      Db^7

Tearing down principalities

           Fm    Bbm7        Fsus     C7   Fm

Standing firm in Jesus’ victory


Making war in the heavenlies

         Eb     Db^7                                                   Bbm7

Casting down every high thing, that exalts

               Fsus              C7                          Fm

itself against the knowledge of Christ.


Fm7                                                   Eb                      Db

We do not bow our knees to the prince of the air

Bbm7                          Gm7           Fsus       Fm  Ab^7  Bb

For we know the truth has set us free

Fm7                                  Eb                            Db  Bbm7

And under our feet he will shortly be crushed

                                      Gm7                           C7

And having done all, we’ll stand in victory.


Our hearts are set apart for the courts of the Lord

And we will not be bought or sold

By the Spirit in us we will overcome

Pulling down every stronghold.