Meet Us Here


D             Em           D/F#

Lord, we have come to this house,

         G                 G2/A  A

Where we love to sing Your praises;

D           Em             D/F#

We lift our hearts and our hands,

       G               G2/A   A

To the King of all the ages.

F#7sus   F#7/A#    Bm

Hear us, Lord, we pray.

Bm/A         E7sus

Come, Jesus, come,

E7              Asus

Come fill this place.


A7      D      Em(add4)

Meet us here (echo),

         D/F#          G

Meet us here (echo), Lord.

       Em7              Cmaj7

We are few, but we are strong,

     Bm7    D/A  Asus

When You surround us.

A7      D      Em(add4)/G

Meet us here (echo),

        D            G

Meet us here (echo), Lord.

      Em7            A7sus

As we gather in Your name,

     A7  D

Meet us here.