Meet With Me (2)


Foote Capo 2


E E/G#  A         Bsus                       E           B/D#

I will run to the cleft of the mountain and wait for You.

C#m7      A                 Bsus  E/A E/B

Will you come and meet with me?

E E/G#  A          Bsus                       E          B/D#

I will wait in the cleft of the mountain for You to pass by,

C#m7      A   Bsus          E   E Bsus

Will you come and meet with me?


E          A

Oh what a joy it would be,

C#m7                 Bsus                    E

Just for a moment to lay at the feet of the Lord,

              A                     Bsus     E/A E/B

Oh more than anything that's what I long for.

E           A

Oh what a change it would bring,

C#m7                     Bsus                       E

Just to look deep in the face of the King who gave all.

         A                       Bsus

You gave everything so You could meet with me;


Will you meet with me?