My Greatest Love Is You


D                                           F#m7

Every new day Your glory unfolds

G2                                                   Asus4                     A

Filling my eyes with Your treasures untold

          Bm7            F#m7/A                    G2              F#m7

The beauty of holiness brings worship anew

Em7                   Asus4         D        (G/A)

My greatest love is You…   (repeat)


A/C#           G/B  D^7/A  Em7               Asus4     A

Call me deeper    into Your grace

           Bm7           F#m7/A                     Em7    Asus4    A

The river that flows from the Holy place

G/B                             D^7/A

Wash over me, cleansing me through

Em7                     G/A           D

My greatest love is You.