Nobody Fills My Heart Like Jesus



I'd like to say, Lord, from the start


Thank You for breaking through my heart


Thank You for tearing ev'ry chain apart


When I was lost You made a way


You turned the darkest night into day


You are my joy and Lord, I'd like to say that


F                                 Bb                  C

Nobody fills my heart like Jesus

F                                      Dm           C/E

Nobody thrills me like you do

         F                               Bb                  C

Oh nobody fills my heart like Jesus

Dm                                    C/E

Nobody, Lord, but You    (repeat)

C                        F

Nobody but You


When I am weak, my Lord, You're strong

Loving me even when I'm wrong

Lord, You are my salvation and my song

Everyday I'll make the choice

Just listening, following Your voice

Being with You I can't help but rejoice