O The Glory Of Your Presence


A              F#m

Jesus all glorious

Bm                     E

Create in us a temple

A                          F#m

Called as living stones

                         Em            E

Where You're enthroned

A                              F#m

As You rose from death in power

      Bm                     E    

So rise within our worship

F#m                    C#m

Rise upon our praise

                      D                               A

And let the hand that saw You raised

D                              A F#m

Clothe us in Your glory

Bm                          E7

Draw us by Your grace


E7        D  A                E    D

O the glory of Your presence

E               Bm                        F#m E

We Your temple give You reverence


So arise from Your rest

              D                         B7

And be blessed by our praise

             A     E                  F#m   Bm

As we glory in Your embrace

                A           Bm                      A

As Your presence now fills this place