Only God Could Love You More


Intro: G2   D/F#   Em   Am7   C/D   D   C/D


G2                                         G2/B

I asked the Lord for someone,

C2                           Cm

And I always knew

G2                                             D/E                Em

That in God's time and in God's way

                   F2                                 C/D

It would be someone like you.

G2                                 G2/B

All my hopes and all my dreams

C2                                     Cm6

Were suddenly fulfilled.

G2                              Em

It's almost unbelievable,

Am                                       C/D    D

Our love was in His will.


C/D  D    G                   D/G                          C2

Only God could love you more,

                   Am                                     C/D         

For He gave me this love I have for you.

D                Bm                       B                  Em         

What a blessing to know He's your Lord,

                 Am                              G/D  D    C/D  D  G2

For only God could love you more than I do.


I'm tempted to be saying

That we met by chance,

But God was there at ev'ry turn,

In ev'ry circumstance.

To share this life God gave me

Seems such a fearful task,

But ev'ry moment we have shared

Is more than I could ask.