Pour Into Me


G    C    D                  C

Pour into me....Your Spirit

G    C    D                          C

Pour into me....Your loving-kindness

G    C    D                       C(hold)

Pour into me....Your mercy, Lord,

                     G C D

That I might be Holy.


C             G                C         

Move in my life, stir in my soul,

              G                 C

Lord take my heart and make it Yours

              G       D/F#     C (hold)

Until I'm consumed by who You are...


Pour into me...


Lord take my will, take my affections,

Lord fix my eyes on only You,

Until I'm consumed by who You are...

Pour into me.


D                 C                   D

You're my passion, You're my strength, You're my purpose,

C           G    D                     C

You're my grace, You're my desire, my hope, my faith;

          Em                 C                   D

You're my forgiveness, my redemption, You're my all...