Praise Him (3)


A                  D                        Dsus                      D

I want to clap my hands, and sing unto the Lord

A                       D                   Dsus  D

Thank Him for His love

A                       D                Dsus                 D

I want my voice to rise up through the clouds

A                 D                 Dsus   D

Into the heavens above.


A                C#m7     F#m7    Bm7                        Esus   E

I want to praise Him, early in the morning

C#m7      F#m7   Bm7               Esus   E

Praise Him, late at night

   C#m7   F#m7   D2                  A2          C2       D2    A

Praise Him, let all of creation praise    Him


A                 D                 Dsus                             D

I want to be in the presence of the King

A               D                               Dsus  D

Just to worship His name

A                            D                         Dsus   D

Join with the angels as they glorify

A                              D                         C     Bm7   A

Jesus, the Lamb who was slain.