Praise Him


C                               Am

Praise Him, praise Him

             F       C

Praise Him, praise Him


Praise Him, praise Him

             F       C            

Praise Him, praise Him


C                   G                   F                             C

We have assembled to praise the One we love

Am                 Em            Dm              G

We join the chorus of angels up above

C                     G                            F                      C

They sing hosannas and their praises to our King

Am                       Em              Dm                        G

So, we join our voices all together now and sing


C                      G

We are Your children

             F                                C

We've come to seek Your face

Am                       Em          Dm                          G

We have come boldly before the throne of grace

C                    G

To love and worship You

         F                      C

And listen to Your voice

Am                 Em              Dm                          G

You are our Father and how our hearts rejoice