Raise Up An Army


D                     G            A

Raise up an army O God

D                    G

Awake Your people

                A           Bm

Throughout the earth

D                     G            A

Raise up an army O God

D                             G

To proclaim Your Kingdom

C                            F

To declare Your Word

B                          A            D

To reveal Your Glory O God

         A                G              A        D

Our hope, our heart, our vision

       A          G       A

To see in every land

F                      Gm                      A

Your chosen people coming forth

D              G                     A      D

Fulfilling Your holy mission

    A       G          A

United as we stand

F                      Gm

Pledging our lives 

Em              A

Unto You Lord


      A             G            A        D

O God our glorious Maker

         A         G            A

We marvel at Your grace

F                           Gm                      A

That You would use us in Your plan

D                G           A      D

Rejoicing at Your favor

       A          G            A

Delighting in Your ways

F                   Gm      Em            A

We'll gladly follow Your command