Return Unto Thy Rest


 Bb    F        Gm7           F

Return unto Thy rest

Gm7   Bb     F      Gm7         Csus   C

Oh, my soul, Oh, my soul

Gm7   C       F                                             Gm7

For the Lord has dealt bountifully

                  Csus  C   Bb      F

       with thee, with thee

Dm7     Gm  C7            F^7                    Dm

For Thou hast delivered my soul

                        Gm   C7         F^7

        from death, from death

        Gm                   F^7                      Dm                Gm7

For Thou hast delivered mine eyes from tears

                   Gm    Am    Bb  C     Csus  C  

And my feet from falling.