Ring The Bells


   C                           Em

Ring the bells! Ring the bells!

  F                            Dm      Em7    Am7

Let the whole world know

   Dm7               G7        E          Am      Dm        G7       C

Christ was born in Bethlehem many years ago.


     Am                          Em

God the Father gave His Son

     F              F#o           C           G7

Gave His own Beloved One

  Dm                G7     C           Am

To this wicked sinful earth

         C                                D7                   G    Dm7  G7

To bring mankind His love --- new birth!


   C                             Em

Born to die that man might live

   F                           Dm   Em7      Am7

Came to earth new life to give

  Dm7            G7       E            Am      Dm       G7       C

Born of Mary, born so low many years ago.  (r/c)


  C                          Em

Ring the bells! Ring the bells!

  F                                         G      C

Let the whole world know

     Dm                  G7      C          Am

Christ the Savior lives today

               Dm7        G7       C

As He did so long ago!