Intro: E5 E5/A (4x)


E5                  E5/A      E5

Salvation spring up from the ground,

              E5/A             E5

Lord rend the heavens and come down,

                  E5/A      E5

Seek the lost and heal the lame,

                  E5/A     E5

Jesus bring glory to Your name.

                 E5/A      E5

Let all the prodigals run home,

                    E5/A    E5

All of creation waits and groans,

                        E5/A    E5

Lord, we've heard of Your great fame,

                     E5/A       E5

Father cause all to shout Your name.


Bsus          C#m7      A2

     Stir up our hearts O God,

Bsus        C#m7      A2           Bsus

Open our spirits to awe who You are,

      C#m7   A2   

Put a cry in us, so deep inside


That we cannot find the words we need


We just weep and cry out to You.